Banjo & Alice Boots

We've had a lot of requests from 'real life sized' people for our Clancy baby booties. So we thought we'd better add a few extra members to the family. Of course, Banjo and Clancy are closely related and Banjo's lovely lady Alice holds the family together just nicely.

Made using the same Italian bovine leather as our aprons, they come with three different soling options: leather, rubber or EVA. These guys are designed to be casual and comfortable, like a good old friend or a well-loved pair of shoes, really.

The above example of Banjo has a leather sole with Cedar Brown leather upper.

For more examples click below.

Banjo and Alice boots are available in full sizes only (Gents: 7-13, Ladies: 6-10) with the following sole types: leather, rubber or EVA. Pictured: Rubber Sole with Blackwood leather

EVA Sole with Oak Tan leather

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