Slow Fashion

We practice Slow Fashion. The ‘Slow Movement’, beginning in Italy as a one-man protest against a fast food giant in the mid 1980s, has become a cultural phenomenon encompassing food, but also design, travel and fashion. As people today latch on to the concepts that underpin Slow Fashion, genuinely high-quality clothing and footwear, locally made by hand, is becoming more and more sought-after.

Some examples of slow fashion practices from Wikipedia include:

  • Opposing and boycotting mass produced fashion (AKA “Fast-Fashion” or “McFashion”).
  • Choosing artisan products to support smaller businesses, fair trade and locally-made clothes.
  • Buying secondhand or vintage clothing and donating unwanted garments.
  • Choosing clothing made with sustainable, ethically-made or recycled fabrics.
  • Choosing quality garments that will last longer, transcend trends (a “classic” style), and be repairable.
  • Doing it yourself – making, mending, customizing, altering, and up-cycling your own clothing.
  • Slowing the rate of fashion consumption: buying fewer clothes less often.

How long will my order take?

We have a standard waiting time for our made to order (ready to order) range of allowing up to 6 weeks for accessories and up to 12 weeks for standard shoes from order to dispatch. For accessories there may be stock in the shop already so we may be able to send it out straight away. To check if something is available already please call or send us an email.

Custom made shoes (currently not taking orders) will take a bit longer, usually about 6-12 months, just due to the queue for custom work.