Custom Orders Available

There’s a big benefit to our made-to-order approach and that is choice. Unlike other businesses,our workshop is able to accommodate a large array of customisations and all by request. Have a look at our comprehensive guide below to better understand what can be achieved. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our workshop.

Place a custom colour order through our shop

  1. We have a myriad of leathers available in the shop – not to mention what is possible with the use of dyes. Send us an email or come see us in the shop to discuss what you are after and we can go from there. It is simpler to do this in person but can be done by computer. Some of our leathers have premiums associated with them so orders in this way are best done manually.
  2. Go to our shop and navigate your way to the item you would like customise. Select it.
  3.  Select Add to Cart,*review your order and then click *Checkout.
  4. On the Checkout Page type the name of the custom colour you wish to request into our Notes / Special Request Field. Perhaps this is something you have seen on out Instagram page so give us as much information as possible. Please note that there may be extra charges involved depending on the leather you request. We would be in touch with you to notify you of this change and organise payment as well. If you would like information on extra charges please contact us via our email or phone.
  5. Complete and submit your order.

We’ll then flag this request on our end and will get in touch if we have any questions or recommendations.

Custom colour swatches

In our store we have a myriad of swatches made up from leathers such as bovine, calf, kangaroo, reptile etc. Some of these use dye to show the different effects. Unfortunately the best way to see these and understand the differences is in person. Every effort would be made to try and relay the same colour via photographs over email if need be but colour monitors vary from computer to computer and the true colour may not be indicative on a screen.

How do I place an order for an option not on the site?

Email or phone the workshop to first make sure we understand your request (we might also need to confirm that the Eel leather you want to use is suitable for where you want to use it — Eel leather is hell rad by the way).

Once you’re happy we’ll either invoice you directly or, for a simple customisation like specifying a leather colour, you can place your order on the website by leaving a quick note in the Order Notes part of the checkout.