Blacksmith Metal Workers Leather Apron


The Blacksmith Metal Workers Leather Apron uses thicker leather with no exposed stitching and is designed for those working directly with welding or blacksmithing with a need for a robust and staple apron in their workshop. This protective apron is designed for hard use and does not compromise on the mobility of the wearer. The brace has been designed to sit on your shoulders, not your neck, to alleviate any discomfort that arises from sustained wear. There is no exposed stitching in the apron bib, so the integrity of the apron isn't compromised by high heat.

Features Include:

  • Thick 2mm bovine leather tanned in Victoria
  • Solid brass fixtures.
  • Italian shoulder leather strapping.
  • English elastic.
  • Two large pockets entered from either side of the waist

You can opt to put a hand-embossed brass plaque on the apron for an extra $15. There are a couple of sizes to fit either a short name of 5-6 letters, one for 8-10 letters or a larger one for three or four words. Please note the letters are in capitals only and are hand-embossed. Please write in the “Notes” section of your order what you would like to be written on the plaque. The plaque is placed between the top two eyelets at the top of the apron bib. Please note that customised aprons are non-exchangeable.

TIMEFRAME Please note we may carry a small amount of stock of these aprons, but they are mostly made-to-order. Please allow a timeframe of 1-6 weeks for completion.

Fitting Guide:

The Brace (the straps on the back of the apron) is adjustable with a height adjustment on the back strap and a waist adjustment. They are one size fits all.

If you feel that you or your recipient might require a longer waist strap if someone is bigger in the belly area, please contact us to put this through manually. Longer waist straps add $10 to your order.

‘Bib’ (the front smock part) is the same on all sizes. The dimensions are approximately: 66cm (at the widest part) 87cm length.


Brass Plaque:


Total (per item):