Boot Spruce Deluxe


The Boot Spruce Deluxe Gift Pack is designed to dramatically transform the look of your boots as well as offering a comprehensive collection for ongoing care of the leather. Each coloured sock and lace combination brings a unique character which will change your boots every time you swap them. The pack includes:

  • Two pairs of locally made Alpine Alpaca socks
  • Two pairs of our in-house made Paracord laces with solid brass aglets
  • Clear conditioning polish
  • A polishing cloth
  • A horse hair brush for giving your boots back their shine
  • A firm scrubbing and scraping brush for deep cleaning and for suede/roughout

Valued at $199.

Available sock colours in Alpine Alpaca are Nutmeg, Sage and Teal. Available shoelace colours are Jungle Boogie, Moss Green, Teal and Cream.

Socks available in Small, Medium or Large. Laces available in 120cm or 150cm. It is best to measure the length of the lace in your current boots to get the correct sizing. Please note that Paracord laces fit most boots and sneakers, however some have smaller eyelets which may not fit the aglet. The brass aglets are approximately 3.9mm in diameter.

Fitting Guide:


Small – Ladies 4-8, Men 4.5-7

Foot length: 22-26cm

Medium – Ladies 8-11, Men’s – 7-10

Foot length: 25-29cm

Large – Men’s 10-14

Foot length: 30-35cm

Sizing is in AU


Sock Colour 2:

Sock Size:

Lace Colour 1:

Lace Colour 2:

Lace Length:


Total (per item):