Clancy Toddler Booties


Toddler Booties

Soft leather sole and soft leather upper.

We used to only make the Clancy Baby Booties, until we had a child of our own. Then we realised how good these boots were to stop her socks from getting dirty as well as letting her work on her balance and really feel the ground whilst learning to walk and run. Thus we made bigger sizes to accomodate her foot as she was getting bigger and the Toddler version of the Clancy Boot was born.

Compared to our Clancy Baby Booties, these boots are made using the same leather as we would use on adult boots, however split down to be a bit finer. They are suitable for if your Toddler has started walking. The leather on the sole is thicker than the baby booties, so will wear well with some scuffing. The soft nature of the whole boot means the toddler is still able to really feel the ground and have full movement of their toes, which also helps with working on their balance as they're learning to walk.

Classic Gusset, elastic sided boots with webbing pull tabs.

Please note the sole leather is a darker brown leather compared to the rest of the boot.

TIMEFRAME Please note these booties are all made to order. Timeframes are typically 1-4 weeks.

Fitting Guide:

The 12-18 month size is typically suitable for toddlers of this age (approx 13.5cm length of sole of boot and approx 6cm wide)

The 18-24 month size is typically suitable for toddlers of this age (approx. 14.2cm length of sole of boot and approx 6.8cm wide)


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