Our belts are made from Italian Belting leather. They are 3 – 3.5mm thick so will stand the test of time. They come in either 2.5 or 3.2cm widths, with either brass or stainless hardware, with roller or westend buckles.

Please note that all our goods are made-to-order unless stock already exists in our shop in Ballarat. Lead times can be found in our footer below for leather goods and footwear.

Fitting Guide:

Please visit our blog post to help guide you through calculating your belt size:

To work out your size, please make sure the measurement is taken where and how you intend to wear your belt and you are NOT referencing the size of your pants. You can either take the measurement by threading a measuring tape through your pant loops. Otherwise some people find the simplest way is to measure off an existing belt that they wear. Go to the end of the buckle and take the measurement from just on the inside of this buckle end (to account for buckle hardware thickness differences) then measure to the hole you mostly wear it at. This measurement will then correlate to the measurement from the inside of the end of our buckle to the middle hole in our belt. Thus giving you some room to move if your pants sit higher, or lower, you wear more layers, or you gain or lose some weight over time. There are five holes in total on our belts.

Note as a guide, your belt measurement in inches is usually a few sizes larger than your pant size, so be sure to take this accurately as belts made-to-order cannot be returned for an incorrect measurement.

TIMEFRAME Please note we typically carry enough blank stock of our belts (ie: belts sewn with buckles but not cut to size) in the 32mm width in all the colours to have them available for individual orders. In the case we run out of blanks or you require the skinnier 25mm belt we would need to allow 1-4 weeks to make up your order. But please note they are often ready to cut and send within a week of ordering once we have confirmed the size.

Size Guide


Belt Measurement (check fitting guide):

Belt Width:

Hardware Colour:

Belt Buckle:


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Typically ships within one week