Leather Toolbelt Florist Holster


The Wootten Leather Toolbelt Florist Holster is designed to fit the essentials whilst working out and about. Think gardeners, florists, stylists, hairdressers, barbers, those in the film industry, bartenders and other creative trades. It can be worn on either side of the body, swivels around easily and can be swiftly adjusted to size with the belt buckle and holes.

The toolbelt holster will fit two sharp tools at the front pockets. Behind this is a main gusset that would easily fit keys, phone, a tape measure, notebook, a fold-up saw, etc. Behind this are stitched pockets to suit various items, such as a phone, Stanley knife, pens, cable ties, Sharpies, bottle opener, combs, etc. Paracord lacing has been used at the front to be able to hold items such as spray bottles or a hand trowel, or cable ties on the inside, for example.

The Leather Toolbelt Florist Holsters are made using full grain bovine leather tanned in Geelong, Victoria, and are made entirely by our small team at Wootten in Ballarat, Victoria.

Please note the Tan leather colour uses a matching stitch and the Saddle Tan leather uses a contrast stitch.

Fitting Guide:

There are two belt lengths to choose from for the Toolbelt Holster: Regular or Large

The Regular toolbelt measures 32" at the smallest and 43" at the largest hole. The Large toobelt measures 36" at the smallest and 52" at the largest hole.

Please remember to take a measurement with a tape measure over all your clothes that you'd typically wear when working. The toolbelt is designed to sit at your waist area. We've found if you're typically over 40" in your belt size then you would be better off with a Large length toolbelt (assuming you're wearing it at your waist). The easiest thing to do is take a tape measure and loop it roughly where you'd like it to sit and see where you measurements fall comfortably.

Toolbelt length:



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