Utility Strap


The Utility Strap is a set of two straps that can be used with our Voyager Backpack. They are able to snugly fit through the base loops of the bag to hold a swag, sleeping bag or blanket, as shown.

The unique positioning of the straps allow the bag to stand up when a swag or picnic blanket is attached at the base.

Fitting Guide:

Strap dimensions: Approximately 73cm long x 19mm wide strap. Seven holes placed at 33cm, 38cm, 43cm, 48cm, 53cm, 58cm and 63cm intervals from the buckle. Two straps included for $110. If purchased with the Voyager Backpack, these are $80 for the set. Choose this option within the Voyager Backpack product page.

Strap Colour:


Total (per item):