Voyager Backpack


The Voyager Backpack is our most versatile bag. It is big enough for a short weekend away, suitable as a daily commuter and can even take you up a mountain (if your commute takes you there). There are a myriad of add-on accessories to make the bag even more functional and for you to be able to tailor it to your needs, whether that be a clip on bag to carry your device's chargers and valuables, or utility straps to hold your swag. Internally there is a generous back pocket then a main gusset for the rest of your belongings. Two wide bands of elastic also run across the inside rear to keep your device or documents in place, or to clip straps onto or to hold the Small Kit Bag (optional extra).

The Paracord lacing allows you to personalise and change the look of the bag. Each Voyager Backpack will come with two sets of Paracord Backpack laces, so you can change the look of the bag (2 x 150cm lengths and 1 x 90cm).

  • The Saddle Tan bag comes with Jungle Boogie and Brown Paracord.
  • The Emerald Green bag comes with Cream and Jungle Boogie Paracord.
  • The Black bag comes with Black and Super Trooper Paracord.

If you wish to purchase alternative colours as extra with the backpack please visit this product here:

If purchasing the Small Kit Bag with the Voyager Backpack, it will be attached to the bag with the Kit Bag Clip Strap and Kit Bag D Straps that already come with the backpack (rather than two D straps). If you wish to purchase extra Kit bag D or Clip straps, please visit the following links:

The Utility Straps thread through the openings at the base of the backpack. This allows you to attach a swag, sleeping bag or rug to the bottom of the backpack. This will also allow the bag to stand upright on its own.

The Kit Bag is a zipped bag that's approximately 27cm length x 16cm height x 3cm depth. It attaches by two straps to the back of the elastic on the backpack so that you can keep your phone, wallet, keys or toiletries contained and easily accessible.

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Fitting Guide:

Voyager Backpack Dimensions Approximately 49cm height (not including handle strap) x 37cm width x 17cm depth when packed full at top.

The Voyager Backpack sits between the Weekender and Overnighter sizing in volume. So perfect for a short getaway or the light packer and easily taken as carry-on luggage.

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