Venice Boot

The Story:

Designed on the Venice last, this was originally a one-piece construction.


Originally designed as a one piece fold over boot the design has evolved to the classic silhouette we now know as the Venice Boot. A simple and elegant boot to about 14cm in height (excluding the heel).

Style: Side lace ankle boot

Upper: Tan Analine Italian Bovine leather, English Calf lining

Sole: 3.5mm English oak tanned, raw, Blake stitched leather sole. Stacked leather heel, tapered 45mm high, Vibram top piece.

Prices vary depending on upper leather choice and sole. Other upper options available, including kangaroo, yearling and baby calf.

Kangaroo leather has more texture and character and is very strong. Colours can be limited however (please see billfold wallets or cardholders as examples of colour. Yearling has similar body to bovine leather, but has a smoother grain and a more polished finish. It is more readily dyed as well. Baby calf leather is like the cashmere of leather and the choice for high gloss potential and formal occasions.

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Sole Types

Fitting Guide:

Made on our “Venice” last (read up on the fit by clicking the ‘Size Guide’ below)

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